Sep 152010

We’ve all heard the story before: Woman is discriminated against for being too hot. What starts out as a case of compassion, ends up as a license to eye hump some formerly unknown Latina. That’s the story behind Debrahlee Lorenzana and Inés Sainz.

The story of Sainz was supposed to be about a NY Jets reporter that had some footballs thrown at her during practice. If she wasn’t attractive, the article would not have gained national attention. The real story soon became her butt. Similarly, the chase was on after Lorenzana alleges that she was fired from Citibank for being too hot (although she got breast implants to look like a Playmate).

In the case of Lorenzana, looking up pics were at least related to her claim that she’s hot, but how do you explain Sainz?  When I first heard about Sainz on ESPN, all they showed was a side headshot of her.  It never crossed my mind to search for more pictures of her because that wasn’t what the story was about.

We normalize eye humping (and otherwise sketchy behavior), but should we? I don’t want my girlfriend looking at pics of guys all day and she wouldn’t want me checking out other women. And yet that’s precisely what we do on Facebook or when a story like Sainz comes along.

I know most guys won’t agree with me, but I felt like a pervert when I looked at the Buzzfeed article with 10 different shots of Sainz’ butt.

I don’t live vicariously through other people. I have a smoking hot girlfriend; I don’t need to eye hump some female that I’ll never meet or go to a strip club (unless I’m forced to go for a bachelor party)

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with finding other women attractive. There is a problem when you are wishing your significant other looked like her. Absolutely NOTHING good comes out of you comparing your significant other to another woman.

I believe that it all comes down to equality in a relationship. So the next time a viral eye-humping opportunity arises, put yourself in your significant other’s shoes.

Mar 092010

[The Sun is smart enough to protect their pictures.  See the link for the pictures]

With 200 posts, I don’t think I’ve posted a story like this yet.  There are rumors circulating that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni are both having affairs on each other.  Even if true, it probably won’t matter because the people of France don’t view fidelity the way we do in the U.S.

Anyway, it’s a crazy story.  Bruni is allegedly having an affair with Benjamin Biolay, a musician, and Sarkozy allegedly retaliated by Chantal Jouanno, the French Karate Champion.  Extremely weird.

Both Bruni and Sarkozy have quite the Soap Opera Marriage…

It is the first time since Bruni and Sarkozy met at a Paris dinner party in November 2007 that there have been suggestions the marriage is in crisis.

For several months after their whirlwind romance and marriage three months later, regular reports predicted the marriage would only last as long as Sarkozy remained President.

Bruni’s now notorious remark that she is “easily bored by monogamy” is also frequently quoted by the media.

But not until now has any otherwise creditable news source repeated internet rumours that either of them was cheating.

Sarkozy and Bruni have both been widely rumoured to have had affairs in the past.

Bruni — whose string of previous lovers includes Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump — is said to have started a relationship with writer Jean-Paul Enthoven, before dumping him for his philosopher son Raphael.

After having a son, Aurelien, in 2001, Raphael then left Bruni stating he felt she was “uncommitted to the relationship”.

Sarkozy is reported to have had an affair with second wife Cecilia Ciganer-Albaniz while married to his first wife Marie-Dominique Culioli — the mother of his two sons.

He then married Ciganer-Albaniz, but they split during his presidential election campaign in 2007 when she started having an affair with US publicist Richard Attais.

In the words of Mrs. Maxine Jenkins a.k.a mom, “If you lay with dogs, you’re bound to catch fleas”

Source: The Sun

Feb 122010




When he’s not fighting NBA players, Doug Christie fights for monogamy.  He and his wife Jackie have been married for 15 years.  They are releasing a new book called Luv-Pons in time for Valentine’s Day.  This is not their first book either.  I really support what they are doing, especially because they are an influential power couple.  According to the article:

About The Christies: Doug, is a 14-year NBA star, author/ producer, and Jackie, is a fashion designer/model, and CEO of five companies. As a team, they operate, the parent company to their film production company Infinite Love Productions, which co-produced “Committed: The Christies,” and their Hit Reality TV Show that aired nationwide on BET J. The power couple also operate their successful record label Jean Rah Fya Records.

Keep up with the Christies: Doug’s Website or Jackie’s Website

Source: PR Newswire

Feb 112010



This story is really amazing.  Herbert (104) and Zelmyra (102) Fisher have celebrated 85 years of marriage and are not in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest marriage.  They will be providing relationship advice via Twitter. You can submit questions by Feb. 12 at @longestmarried.  I already submitted mine and hope that I get picked.  I haven’t seen too much media coverage about this, but I really hope it picks up because people need to hear this story.  We have a 50% divorce rate in this country.  The Fisher’s serve as a true testament to the powers of love.  And that’s beautiful.

Read the full story.

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Feb 022010

Today I realized that my website was taking too much of a reactive stance on the issue of monogamy.  I was going after sites like Trashy Madison and not showing the positive side of monogamy.  So I vow that from now on I will do a better job of presenting my side.

Clint and Dina

I cannot think of a better way to start off than to talk about a TRUE American Hero – Mr. Clint Eastwood.  I am glad that Mr. Eastwood has stood up for monogamy because 1) he is a celebrity 2) he is the quintessence of the tough guy and 3) he has cheated before.  #3 is very important because it proves that its never too late to turn your life around.  I don’t believe that you can say that you’ve truly found “the one” until you openly practice monogamy.

Here’s what Mr. Eastwood had so say on the subject:

Clint, 79, is no longer interested in looking at other women and finally feels he has found the right one. Dina is 35 years younger than Clint and gave birth to daughter Morgan Eastwood months after they tied the knot.

The father-of-seven admits he has made mistakes in the past by being unfaithful in previous relationships, but he is confident he won’t stray again.

“I am living in my state of monogamy quite happily. Dina is everything I ever wanted and never found anywhere else. It took me until I was 65 to find her,” he said in an interview with Seven magazine. “Like they said at school, I’m a little slow – it takes me longer to do things. But, because I have had children at an older age, I’ve had time to learn patience that I didn’t have earlier in my life when I was more ambitious.”

If it’s good enough for Clint, it should be good enough for any man.

Source: Music Rooms

Jan 212010

One of the great things about the Internet is that you can let the news come to you.  I created an Adultery bundle on Google Reader that notifies me whenever there is news about adultery.  I’m glad I’ve done this because I don’t miss a thing, like today’s great article (actually yesterday, but I wanted to wait until the new domain cleared).

Meet Jean Nero

Jean Nero

Jean is a contributor to the little known Repository in Canton, OH. Jean said something that really resonated with me about what love is. And for that, I’ve tagged this article with L, O, V, and E.

Here’s the best part of the article.

I was washing dishes while Papa read the paper. Suddenly, he came over and said, “I want you to know something. I was never unfaithful to your mama.”

Hiding my surprise at such a topic, I replied, “No one ever thought you did! Secondly, you were 36 when Mama became paralyzed … if you had fallen to temptation once we would have understood.”

His answer: “No. I made a vow at the altar and I kept it.” With that he walked away, while I wondered, “What in the world brought that up?” Two minutes later he’s back, says with a twinkle, “Hey, don’t think I never had a chance to!”

We need more men like Papa Nero out there.  And that’s why I created this website.

Jan 142010

Fox News ran a good sex column about some common questions on relationships.  The best advice Dr. Vranich gives is about equality.  Relationships come down to the Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would want done unto you.  I’ve long stated that cheating is more than just a physical act.

Not sure you cheated? Notice your significant other’s reaction: When you come home from the strip club, if you find Linda Blair, head spinning, smoke and fire coming out of her ears (think The Exorcist) — you can bet she thinks it was cheating. If she shrugs because “that is what guys do at bachelor parties,” she just doesn’t want to hear the details, then nope, it wasn’t. (I’d still strongly recommend you figure this out before the party).

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Jan 112010

I just read the following article on the “sex, lies, and lobbyists” going on at the Georgia Capitol. The article is very informative and I think that you should check it out. I tagged it with L, O, V, and E because I truly think that there wouldn’t be so much problems if people just followed my approach.

L – Liability. I don’t care who you are, you have got to hold yourselves accountable.  You should know what you are getting into when you run for elected office.  Maybe it’s a means to get your ego or something else stroked, but you’ve got to have some sense of personal accountability.  And it doesn’t help that other legislators remain silent when they know what is going on.  They essentially just ratify the behavior.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Richardson’s downfall wasn’t an affair with a lobbyist. It’s that so many lawmakers now say the relationship had been common knowledge since at least 2007 but still drew no condemnation.

Lawmakers rarely challenge their colleagues’ behavior. During a debate over same-sex marriage in 2004, Rep. Alisha Morgan (D-Austell) broke protocol when she called out philandering lawmakers.

“I don’t go in anybody’s bedroom when you have a wife at home and you have somebody else up here,” Morgan, who opposed a ban on gay unions, told other lawmakers.

They were appalled — by her candor.

Morgan recalled the reaction: “Oh my God, how could you say that when this person’s wife is in the chamber?”

Adultery is “accepted behavior” at the Capitol, she said. “It’s just common knowledge. It is hypocrisy when you talk about family values when this is what you’re doing in your own lives to your families.”

O – Openness. Legislators obviously aren’t coveying to their significant others what is going on in Atlanta because if they were, I’m sure they would not approve.  If you cannot tell your significant other everything that you were doing, there’s a problem.

V- Visibility.  I know that many of these guys are away from home for a couple of months, but I must ask: Are these guys wearing their wedding rings?  Do they keep pictures of their family in their office?  You’ve got to let the world know that you are in a relationship and that lobbyists (or secretaries) need to back off.

E-Equality.  I’m sure that these guys would be upset if they knew that their wives were doing the same thing to them.  Remember the golden rule gentlemen…

Most of these men are college educated.  I’m sure that they had their fun back in their “glory days.”  Now it’s time to grow up.  You know your propensity to turn down women when you get married.  If you cannot be away from your wife for a couple months without giving in to temptation, then you may want to reconsider running for political office.  Or maybe that’s the reason they ran for political office.  Who knows…

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